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Lowell 22

Formerly known as the Sisu 22, designed by Royal Lowell (author of the book Boatbuilding Downeast: How to Build the Maine Lobsterboat).

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LOA: 21' 9"
LWL: 20' 2"
BEAM: 7' 10"
DRAFT: 1' 9"
Designed by Royal Lowell for Sisu

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Capt Peter Sandefur, tour boat operator:

"I currently own two different Sisu 22s and they are both named Sea Fox. One is currently...in Camden [Maine] and the other is in... the Bahamas. I bought Sea Fox (south) new in 1988 as a stripped down lobster boat... That boat is so perfect for catching fish and negotiating the inlet at Little Harbour in the Bahamas that I bought another one up here about three years ago to use in this area.

"Over the years I have taken many people out in Sea Fox and all were quite impressed. About four years ago one of my doctor fishing friends was so impressed that he started looking for a Sisu as soon as he returned home."


Excerpts from Small Boat Journal, February 1980, article by Michael Crowley

"A fiberglass descendant of the wooden Maine lobsterboat, the Sisu 22 was designed by Royal Lowell, a Beals Island boy and grandson of Will Frost, who is said to have introduced the lobsterboat to Maine..."

"I talked to commercial fishermen from Maine, Long Island, Massachusetts, and Alaska, and the vessel's seakeeping ability was her strongest selling point. The sharp entrance and semi-displacement hull keep [her] from pounding; the full keel protects the rudder and propeller and assures good directional stability; and the fairly tight bilges provide hull stability..."

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